Jesse Palmer had to give Chris Fowler the Heimlich at halftime of the Pinstripe Bowl

ESPN's Chris Fowler had a dicey situation with a chicken sandwich of the Pinstripe Bowl. Thankfully, Jesse Palmer was there to help.

Fowler tweeted following the game that Palmer needed to give him the Heimlich while the two were grabbing some food during the halftime break.

Fowler, the host of ESPN's College GameDay and Palmer, an ESPN analyst, were in the booth together to call Saturday's game between Notre Dame and Rutgers, which Notre Dame won. Palmer is also a former contestant on ABC's 'The Bachelor' after he played quarterback at Florida and briefly with the New York Giants.

This is how it happened, according to Palmer, per ESPN's media site:

“It happened in the green room/viewing room behind ESPN’s outdoor set during halftime. Ed Placey was standing with us at a high table while we were eating. The rest of the stage crew was in the room as well," Palmer said.

“I was watching Chris chew his food, and his eyes began to get big. He tried to swallow some water to clear his throat, then he had a look of panic on his face.”

Palmer had never had to perform the Heimlich before.

We'd make a joke about dicey media food, but choking enough to need the Heimlich is pretty serious. Thankfully Palmer was around to help Fowler, who showed no signs of his scary experience during the second half of the game.

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