Craig James calls Mike Leach a bully in a backwards attempt to gain voters

The war of words between Craig James and Mike Leach has now become part of James' Senatorial campaign.

James released a short video Tuesday explaining how he protected his son from a bully named Mike Leach. Leach was accused of locking Adam James, a receiver on the Texas Tech football team, in an electrical closet and ultimately fired.

"We supported our son against a bully, bottom line," James said. "You can't do what Mike Leach did to our son and get away with it. Not in the United States of America.

"If anybody out there doesn't agree with that and wouldn't support their son or daughter from a bully, I don't care for their vote."

Not sure James can be so choosey when it comes to votes considering he's not the most popular candidate running, but that's not really the point. What exactly did Leach do to Adam James? Leach has said several times that Adam James was never locked anywhere and team trainer Steve Pincock corroborated the story. Adam James also testified under oath that he found the incident "funny" and that he texted his father about it because he thought he would "like it" since they shared a similar sense of humor.

But here's where the bullying comes in. James used his influence with Texas Tech to make this a national story and ultimately get Leach fired. And, of course, Leach sued and wrote a book about the entire thing.

I think James would have been best served just leaving this one alone and pretending like it never happened. Not that much is going to help his campaign, but acknowledging his role in this doesn't make him look like the supportive father, it makes him look like a guy who's still trying to run down Leach.

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