Wreck of the week, with the new ‘Crazed Montoya’ rating system!

It's time to bring back Wreck of the Week, and this year, we've got a whole new twist. In honor of the man who brought us NASCAR's greatest wreck in a generation, we're proud to begin ranking each week's wrecks in the currency of Crazed Montoyas.

Suggested by reader Patrick Jacques, we're shamelessly ripping it off from Puck Daddy's "Stunned Milbury" ranking system (get the home office to cut you a compensation check, Wyshynski). We'll go from one Crazed Montoya (routine spin/fender bender) to five Crazed Montoyas (jet dryer exploding into a fireball). So let's begin, shall we?

It wasn't a banner week for wrecks, but this spin-and-park-it by Kurt Busch gave us something to talk about, if only to see if Busch was going to go batcrap crazy in the infield care center. He's now up to four wrecked Phoenix Motorsports cars. James Finch is going to have Kurt bring his own cars to the track before long.

Verdict: Two Crazed Montoyas. Just barely, and only because the car got towed off the track.

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