UFC 141 postfight: Hettes sends a message to Internet Tough Guys

Jimy Hettes is enjoying his new found fame. That includes reading nice and nasty comments on the Internet about his game.

Following Hettes' whitewash of Nam Phan at UFC 141, the 24-year-old said he spent the days leading up to the fight reading negative messages from goofs online.

"I like looking at the Internet and seeing everyone count me out. And really say how I'm going to get my butt kicked and stuff like that," Hettes said (4:00 mark). "In my hotel room, me and my buddy Kris [McCray] were looking at the comment laughing. 'This kid's not gonna win because he doesn't have any muscles.' So it really fuels me."

Hettes is also driven by the talent he works with in New Jersey. That group is headed by UFC lightweight champ Frank Edgar along with McCray. Hettes said working with the bigger fighters makes facing the featherweights seem almost unfair.

He's just 2-0 in the UFC, but Hettes (10-0, nine submission wins) appears destined for some big things.

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