Shaw takes a licking but keeps on ticking

He's been a human punching bag for the last few days but give Jared Shaw credit, the guy stands right there and fires back. The EliteXC VP appeared on ESPNRadio1100 and things got testy. He is standing by his philosophy and the company's former meal ticket Kimbo Slice.

The only guy Shaw (pictured on the left with Slice) isn't standing by is Ken Shamrock. He re-iterated that he may not want to work with Shamrock again and that he has his doubts about how the now infamous cut came about. Shaw didn't take too well to answering a question about Dana White who called him retarded and questioned his competancy last week.


On the subject of the Seth Petruzelli claim that he was told 'no takedowns' before the Kimbo fight, Shaw said that he'd never heard anyone from EliteXC say that. He also took on Las Vegas radio host Dave Cokin when 'The Hat' repeatedly said "Kimbo sucks, stop pushing him as a real fighter."

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