Reader Rants: Cagereaders sound off on Quinton Jackson, future champs and more

Maggie Hendricks

It's time to check in with Cagereaders on their opinions on the latest in MMA news. We hear your thoughts on Quinton Jackson, which belts will change hands, and most importantly, Louis Gaudinot's hair. Want your thoughts included in a future reader rants? Like Cagewriter on Facebook and comment on the stories that show up in your timeline.

How do you solve a problem like "Rampage?" Some Cagereaders have ideas.

There are a lot of people that make the UFC money, but once you start losing, your marketability dwindles. Add in the general consensus that Quinton doesn't care anymore and seemingly doesn't want to evolve his game; you'll see that this is not a benefit for anyone involved. Have him fight the final time on his contract and let him go. Throw him in against a mid-tier fighter on the undercard (like they did with Arlovski years ago) and move on. -- Ryan Wahl

Although I used to be a huge fan of Rampage and am less so these days, reading Quinton's words makes me consider if what he wants is the same thing I think certain other fighters want: Big fights with no title implications. I think there are a handfull of fighter who just want to hammer checks and generally not worry about rank or title. In other words fighters may be hunting for financial security for what they do and not a title shot where some of their limitations could be exposed. I say the UFC should have Quinton fight guys with great stand up, let him makes some money, put on some great stand up fights and everyone wins. Sometimes you just give the baby his bottle until he grows out of it. -- Mark Jimerson

With nearly every UFC belt on the line this summer, will any change hands?

I love this current batch of champions. I think it's good for the sport to have dominant champs. That being said, I think the one most likely to lose in his next fight is Benson Henderson, but I think that JDS has less of a gap on the field in his weight class (Mir is a mismatch.) But Ben Henderson became somewhat of a superhuman to me after his last fight when he told his corner man he could go another five rounds, and seemed perfectly able to do so. In a way, that was one of the most impressive things I've seen watching years of MMA. -- John Wilcox

Cagereaders tuned into Invicta FC's all-female card.

Shows there are a lot of different weight classes that are competitive. Not just the Strikeforce 135! Great show, lots of heart by the women warriors! -- David Feinblatt

And onto the most important point of discussion: Should Louis Gaudinot cut his hair?

God yes. Every second that a fighter has to spend getting hair out of his eyes is a second in which he is losing the fight. -- Bruce Garrison

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