Phew: Jose Aldo walks away from motorcycle accident with just a few scratches

Jose Aldo was in a motorcycle accident in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend, and walked away. The UFC featherweight champ and main event star of upcoming UFC 153 had no issues after his motorcycle ran into a car.

According to Tatame and MMA Fighting, he suffered a swollen foot and some scratches, but that's not different from what he would encounter while training for his October bout with former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar. To be on the safe side, his coach in Brazil ruled out any more motorcycle riding.

Perhaps this is a sign that the UFC's summer of bad luck is over. The UFC's champions and main eventers have had a hard time holding on to their fights. UFC 146's Alistair Overeem couldn't get licensed. Vitor Belfort pulled out for injury from UFC 147. Bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz was injured before UFC 148. Dan Henderson's injury and Jon Jones' refusal to fight Chael Sonnen led to the UFC canceling UFC 151.