Harassed by a bully? MTV will come kick his teeth in for you

Whatever happened to the days when you could see the "Rock You Like a Hurricane" video 54 times in one day? Are you clueless? That's old guy speak from 1984. MTV is all about reality shows now and they may finally have one now that appeals to people over 17. "Bully Beatdown" debuted last night with host Jason Miller. Think Pimp My Ride but instead of ripping apart a 1984 Plymouth Reliant, Miller has an MMA fighter beat the hell out of a local bully:

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The show looks pretty cool as the bullies play along for a chance to win 10 G's. If the MMA fighter loses the "bad guy" gets paid. If not, the bully's victim gets the bucks. You can see Episode One here. Some kid named Ryan gets wrecked by MMA fighter Tony Bonello.

Miller has a nice cast here including Jake Shields, Thomas Denny and NFL receiver turned fighter Michael Westbrook. Shouldn't Westbrook be one of the bullies who has to face a high level MMA star? Don't forget that he beat the snot out of Stephen Davis back in 1997. Westbrook is the fighter in next week's episode.

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