Deion Sanders names absurd new mascot for his school: ‘Winning’

Deion Sanders has always been among the most braggadocious members of the football family, whether as a player or media member. Still, even he might have outdone himself when deciding on the mascot of the football team for his new Prime Prep Academy squad.

NFL Hall of Famer and coach of Prime Prep Academy Deion Sanders — Getty
NFL Hall of Famer and coach of Prime Prep Academy Deion Sanders — Getty

When asked about the school's mascot during an interview on Dallas radio station KTCK-AM, Sanders gave a succinct response to the query: Prime Prep's new mascot would be "winning."

That's right: From here out, there will be a Texas high school football team know as the Prime Prep Academy Winning. Somewhere Charlie Sheen is smiling.

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Here is the full context of Sanders' mascot claim, as relayed by the Dallas Morning News:

"Our mascot is winning … we don't care about mascots…Our kids are going to look good and preferably they're going to perform good. But the best thing about it is they're going to be educated."

That quote should be on a (very long) bumper sticker somewhere. Naturally, Neon Deion would guarantee that his students would look good, too. Only fitting for one of the most stylish football players of the past 20 years.

Sanders offered up plenty of other positive sound bites about Prime Prep's opening, and the football program, which he is scheduled to lead alongside a pair of former Cowboys teammates.

While most of those comments advocated for all the benefits of Prime Prep, or attacked other Dallas Independent School District football coaches, Sanders, who is the co-founder of the Dallas charter school, did offer up the quote of the year so far about the football program's goals for its first season:

"We're working at the school," Sanders told KTCK. "It's not Southlake Carroll or anything like that. All we need is two fish and five loaves, and we're going to play and make it happen, baby."

A new mascot and a loaves and fishes reference in the same interview? Whether Prime Prep ever wins on the field or not, everyone can rest assured that Deion will keep winning the press conferences.

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