Another crazy Little League ump is apparently calling wild strikeouts in Spanish

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

There seems to be an epidemic of crazy umpiring spreading throughout the youth baseball ranks. First, a Little League ump brings out explosive calls which Prep Rally's brotherly baseball blog Big League Stew rightfully compared to the stance of former Mike Tyson Punch Out character Soda Popinski's uppercut.

Now, a new contender for crazy ump of the year has emerged, and his strikeout calls are absolutely out of the normal world because of his wild vocal talents.

As noted in the blog Sweater Punch, the umpire you see above offered up his possessed strikeout calls at a 10-year-old Little League game.

While no one knows for sure what the ump is saying — it does sound like he's uttering something in Spanish — one YouTube commenter claimed his gutteral strikeout call was "Ay Dios mio eso es out!" For those who don't habla Espanol, that means "Oh my God that was an out."

Then again, that phrase is almost indistinguishable from "Adios amigo, eres es out!", which means "See you later friend, you're out!" Naturally, that second interpretation is a bit more mean-spirited than the former, particularly when an umpire is talking about impressionable 10-year-olds.

That, of course, is the bigger question here: What are these ego-maniacal umps doing at youth baseball games? Sure, the strikeout histrionics are pretty funny, but they also are potentially scarring for some of the kids who have to trudge back to the dugout with their bat on their shoulder as soon as they've been set down.

It's tough enough striking out and dealing with at-bat disappointment when you're 10. It's even tougher when a kid is trying to wrap his head around such a setback while also feeling like he's being taunted in Spanish by a crazy umpire.

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