10-year-old Luis “Moose” Lowery is a big budding football star in the making, with an emphasis on big

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Meet Luis "Moose" Lowery, your typical football-loving 10-year-old. He enjoys watching "The Blind Side," cheering on Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher and playing football on the weekends in the Taconic Youth Football League in Peekskill, New York.

Nothing about Moose Lowery seems out of the ordinary -- until you see the 10-year-old in person. At 5'6", 220 pounds, he towers over the other kids in his class and on the football field.

While Moose's father, Christopher Dale Lowery, told Prep Rally that he's always been the biggest kid in school — the movie theatre always charges him for an adult ticket when he's with his mother, and he's always allowed to ride the adult rides at the amusement park -- his pediatrician noted that the 10-year-old is perfectly healthy and could grow to be between 6'3" and 6'6", which seems plausible when you see Moose in action.

Like his favorite player Michael Oher, Moose doesn't mess around when he takes the field. Even though Moose has a lighter side -- he loves acting and performs at the Newburgh Performing Arts Academy -- the 10-year-old is all business when the ball is snapped. As you can see from the highlights in the YouTube clip, he plays to win and has no trouble knocking his opponent to the ground.

It shouldn't come as surprise that he's already received some interest from a few colleges. He's a budding football star in the making, but if it wasn't for the Taconic Youth Football League, Moose likely wouldn't be playing football at all.

According to his father, Moose, who currently resides in Middletown, New York, had been playing in the local Orange County Youth Football League's "Mighty Mites" division in 1st and 2nd grade. But due to league rules, officials told the Lowery family that Moose would have to play with 6th graders if he wanted to continue playing in the league.

Forced to make a decision -- Christopher told the Orange County Youth Football League in an e-mail that his son just wanted to play football with his friends -- the family decided to move Moose from the OCYFL to the Taconic Youth Football League which is a 45-60 minutes away.

"Luis is OK with driving 45 minutes to practice (up to an hour depending on traffic over the Newburgh-Beacon bridge)," Christopher Dale Lowery said.  "He loves his teammates and coaches, but sometimes he can't get his head around why he can play on one side of the bridge but on the other he can't. I can't explain it as well."

Despite the minor roadblock, Luis "Moose" Lowery has taken the whole situation in stride. His youth football team, the Southern Dutchess Patriots -- Southern Dutchess president Jason Timmons had no problem with Lowery playing on the team -- won the 2012 league youth football championship, which has Moose excited about the upcoming season and the possibility of winning a second championship.

It's difficult to predict if kids are going to live up to expectations and turn into budding superstars, but based on Moose's current height and weight and the fact that he could be upwards of 6'6" by the time he hits high school, there's a chance we could see the little giant playing on Saturdays (and maybe even Sundays) in the future.

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