After Choi’s Bois cheered their man to a win, who’s next?

By now, you've probably heard about "Choi's Bois," the crew of lunatics from Tennessee who cheered their man K.J. Choi on to a win at this past weekend's Players Championship. They not only caught the camera's eye, they caught the eye of the man himself, who brought the Bois inside the ropes to celebrate with him after winning the trophy. That's pretty sweet, all things considered.

This kind of cheerleading goes on all the time at baseball games (Braves catcher Brian McCann's cheering section is a crew of twentysomething dudes dressed in soda-can outfits: "McCann's Cans," of course.) So with that in mind, and with the success that K.J. Choi and the Bois had, let's see if we can create some new fan bases here. To get you started:

• Poulter's Poultry
• Vijay's Singhers
• Tiger's Woodies (wait, scratch ... er, forget that)
• McIlroy's Shanks
• Westwood's Bullies
• Luke's Force
• Bubba's Bubbas
• Fred's Couples
• Stewart's Sinks

Take it from there, friends. And any single dudes with no jobs or girlfriends, feel free to run with any of these.