The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: Tebow, NY dealings and Holy Rubio!

Roto Arcade

Peruse any Vegas buffet and an assortment of options, enough to satisfy the taste buds of any picky foodie, are always available — prime rib, broiled shrimp, deep-fried wantons, matzoh ball soup, soft-served ice cream. You name it, it's probably available. If you can't find something to stuff your are quite possibly the world's pickiest eater.

This week's Freak Show, similar to a Sin City spread, appeased just about every fantasy player's appetite. In Hour 1, Andy Behrens joined the program to discuss fantasy playoff strategies, Tim Tebow's 2012 draft value and the earth-shattering Michael Pineda/Jesus Montero swap.

Meanwhile, in Hour 2, we hit the hardwood with NBA aficionado Matt Buser. He ran down the latest injuries in the Association (e.g. Al Horford), explained why Markieff Morris is must-add material and, of course, revealed his ever-popular Stat of the Week. Coerced into seeing "Joyful Noise" with your significant other? No sweat. Listen to the replay below:



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