Bears fans are irate after Matt Nagy insists Andy Dalton, not Justin Fields, remains the starter when healthy

Whatever progress Matt Nagy made as a head coach on Sunday, in choosing to hand over play-calling duties to Bill Lazor and letting rookie quarterback Justin Fields shine, was shattered with one statement at his Monday press conference.

Despite Fields’ impressive outing, where he opened up the offense in a way Bears fans hadn’t seen in a long time, Nagy faced reporters and, with a straight face, said that Andy Dalton will be the starting quarterback when healthy.

For real.

“When Andy’s healthy, he’s our starter. Justin’s the 2. Nick’s the 3.”

Those are words that actually came out of Nagy’s mouth.

As you can imagine, that announcement didn’t go over well with Bears fans or football fans who recognized that there’s just no going back to Dalton after what Fields showed on Sunday.

Nagy continued to insist that they have to learn where Dalton is health wise. But the thing no one can understand is why Dalton matters so much while Fields seems to matter so little.

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