Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes comment on Chiefs’ unique 2024 schedule

The Kansas City Chiefs schedule release had many critics wondering how the two-time defending Super Bowl champions can achieve the infamous three-peat. Kansas City is expected to play six days out of the week, with Tuesday being the only game-free day.

On the last day of the first week of organized team activities, the Chiefs opened their practice to the media and addressed the first session along with other topics, including the new schedule.

“It’s the first time in my career that it’s that unique (schedule). So you know how we are. I mean, we don’t really care,” said Reid. “They could give us a Tuesday game. If they want, we’ll be okay there too. We’ll work through it and we’ll play anybody anywhere, whatever. Whatever they want to do, we’re on board.”

Patrick Mahomes shared his thoughts on the new schedule, also taking the high road and using it as fuel to test the team’s unity throughout the year.

“[I] feel like our schedule has gotten crazier and crazier every single year,” Mahomes explained. “It’s just about preparing for the week ahead of you. We know that we’re going to have a lot of primetime games, and we’ve built up the equity to be in those games. Now it’s about how can we find a way to be better than last year at the end of the season.

“We learn from our mistakes from last year, trying to motivate ourselves to get ourselves healthier and faster, and then go out there and win those games because there are a lot of great football teams we play at the end there. I’m trying to be better on Christmas.”

The Chiefs will notably return to play on Christmas Day as the first-ever Netflix-only game. They will be on the road this time to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers as they seek to even their record on that day following last year’s loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire