Andretti unveil new Silverstone factory despite F1 rejection

Andretti Global have unveiled a new factory at Silverstone and are full steam ahead targeting an F1 entry despite the rejection of their first bid in January.

Andretti were eying an entry into Formula 1 as the 11th team in 2026, and had the backing of the FIA, before the commercial rights holder FOM (Formula One Management) rejected their bid, insisting the American-owned outfit would “not add value” to the sport.

However, the team owned by Michael Andretti (son of 1978 F1 world champion Mario Andretti) are continuing with the team’s development, with the latest step a new 48,000 sq ft building at Silverstone, close to Aston Martin’s new base and the world-famous track.

The facility will host the 80-strong workforce already located in the UK and is a “milestone” for the team as they look towards a potential entry in 2028, with the factory focusing on manufacturing processes and electronic development.

F1 stated that Andretti’s bid could be revisited for 2028 once they have American giant General Motors on board as a power unit supplier.

Andretti stated that their F1 project “began some time ago with a focus on critical activities such as assembling key staff and focusing on long lead-time activities including aerodynamic design, mechanical design and vehicle dynamics.”

Their press statement added: “The new facility will be completed in phase according to commercial and sporting needs and workforce requirements.

Michael Andretti still is still targeting an entry in F1 despite January’s setback (AP)
Michael Andretti still is still targeting an entry in F1 despite January’s setback (AP)

“We have said that our work continues at pace – this new facility embodies that work. While we are building an American works team, having a European base is a great way to attract the best in F1 talent and install state-of-the-art machinery.”

Andretti already have successful teams in IndyCar and Formula E, with 2023 champion Jake Dennis racing for the outfit.

GM already has started development and testing of prototype technology and it said building an F1 engine will help the automaker advance in areas including electrification, hybrid technology, sustainable fuels, high efficiency internal combustion engines, advanced controls and software systems.

F1 in 2026 has set new engine regulations that place an emphasis on sustainable fuels and greater electric power. Six manufacturers have signed with the FIA to supply engines in 2026, including newcomer Audi, which will partner with Sauber.

Ford plans to return to F1 in partnership with three-time reigning champion Red Bull. Honda also plans to return as an official supplier in 2026 with Aston Martin.