WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024 results, grades and analysis: Cody Rhodes defeats Logan Paul to retain Undisputed WWE Championship

Rhodes and Paul were great in the main event, but another match was the clear show-stealer

JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA - MAY 25: Bronson Reed flying through the ropes against Sami Zayn and Chad Gable during King and Queen of the Ring at Jeddah Superdome on May 25, 2024 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  (Photo by WWE/Getty Images)
JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA - MAY 25: Bronson Reed flying through the ropes against Sami Zayn and Chad Gable during King and Queen of the Ring at Jeddah Superdome on May 25, 2024 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Photo by WWE/Getty Images)

WWE King and Queen of the Ring took place Saturday in Saudi Arabia. It was the 23rd time in WWE history that a King of the Ring winner was crowned and just the 2nd time ever a Queen of the Ring was named.

There were three championship contests on the six-match card Saturday, but only one title changed hands. Dominik Mysterio interjected himself into the WWE Women's World Championship match, inadvertently allowing Liv Morgan to dethrone Becky Lynch.

Bronson Reed, Chad Gable and Sami Zayn stole the show in the night's best match, a triple-threat contest for the Intercontinental Championship.

Nia Jax and Gunther won the Queen and King of the Ring tournaments, respectively, and earned championship matches at WWE's SummerSlam event this August.

Logan Paul showcased his immense talent alongside Cody Rhodes in a strong main event that saw the American Nightmare walk out of Saudi Arabia with his Undisputed WWE Championship reign intact.

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill def. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae in 8:04 to retain their WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

  • Grade: B-

  • Best spot: Belair and Cargill’s tandem finisher

  • Analysis: A solid pre-show match that featured some entertaining spots and storytelling. Cargill and Belair remain popular with fans and dominant forces in the ring, so it’s going to be rare to see a match of theirs not deliver some excitement, even in a brief showcase like on Saturday.

Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch in 15:22 to win the WWE Women's World Championship.

  • Grade: B

  • Best spot: Morgan and Lynch exchanging submission holds

  • Analysis: A solid showing to kick off the main card action on Saturday, Dominik Mysterio’s involvement here protects Lynch and it appears as if we’re getting the rematch between these two women on Monday night. We saw a new wrinkle to Morgan’s repertoire as she utilized submission maneuvers fairly heavily during the match. Lynch, as always, shined and should continue to be among the biggest stars in WWE, champion or not.

Sami Zayn def. Bronson Reed and Chad Gable in 13:40 to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

  • Grade: A

  • Best spot: Reed’s suicide dive

  • Analysis: Match of the night. These three did a phenomenal job in an intense matchup that showcased different styles and allowed each competitor to have his moment in the spotlight. Zayn remains one of the most popular champions in WWE, Gable furthered the compelling Alpha Academy storyline and Reed was the breakout star of the event. A win-win-win all around.

Nia Jax def. Lyra Valkyria in 9:39 to win the Queen of the Ring tournament.

  • Grade: C

  • Best spot: Valkyria dodging two Jax finishers, lone offensive flurry

  • Analysis: Not a terribly exciting outcome, all things considered, but Jax will prove to be a strong foil for Bayley — or whoever is WWE Women’s Champion — come SummerSlam. Valkyria’s impressive run through the Queen of the Ring tournament should give her a solid boost as she continues to develop on the main roster.

Gunther def. Randy Orton in 22:56 to win the King of the Ring Tournament.

  • Grade: A-

  • Best spot: Gunther’s splash sequence into an RKO

  • Analysis: A masterclass in psychology, Orton and Gunther put on a classic in the King of the Ring final. For the most part, Orton was able to play the hits and go toe-to-toe with the destructive force that Gunther is, and the Ring General was able to showcase the threat he poses from both a physical and mental standpoint inside the ropes. Expect another physically grueling performance from Gunther and whoever he faces at SummerSlam (Drew McIntyre was named Damian Priest’s opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship at Clash at the Castle next month.)

Cody Rhodes def. Logan Paul in 24:17 to retain the Undisputed WWE Championship.

  • Grade: B+

  • Best spot: Paul’s splash through the announce table

  • Analysis: Rhodes was almost certainly going to walk out of Saudi Arabia with his championship, but this match did a better job of presenting a legitimate threat to his reign because of Paul’s underhanded shenanigans. As much as I had hoped Paul would ditch the brass knuckles for this contest, they did come into play and factored into the finish. Rhodes continues to put on impressive main-event matches and I think everyone will admit that Paul is as good as anyone in building hype and executing when the time is right. There’s no clear direction for either champion moving forward, but that’ll all likely change in the very near future.

  • Logan Paul vs. Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship

    Rhodes, unsurprisingly, got the biggest pop of all during his entrance. During the pre-match festivities commentator Michael Cole continued to allude to Paul's use of brass knuckles and the fact that Maverick forfeited them to Cole earlier in the week.

    The match began with Rhodes quickly pandering to the crowd before a collar-and-elbow. After the hold was broken, Paul attempted to trash talk and frustrate Rhodes. This sequence repeated again before the two men exchanged arm holds. Paul went for a quick, early cover, but Rhodes kicked out at 1.

    A quick sequence ended with Rhodes going for his patented drop slap, but Paul blocked it. Rhodes, frustrated, went on the offensive, exchanging blows with Paul and hitting the United States Champion with a standing, modified suplex. The quick pin from Rhodes was unsuccessful and Paul gained the upper hand, sending the champion outside the ring and landing a splash to the floor.

    The first true near-fall came when Paul landed what commentator Corey Graves called an "overbomb." Paul remained on the offensive and went for another pin after a standing moonsault. Rhodes quickly recovered and landed a top-rope arm drag on Paul, but began to sell a rib injury. Rhodes sent Paul outside of the ring with a Disaster Kick and went for a dive. Rhodes pulled back as Paul was about to move out of the way, showing awareness on both parties.

    As the action continued outside, two of Paul's entourage got involved, with one slipping Paul a set of brass knuckles. Paul hit Rhodes in the midsection with the weapon, and instead of pinning Rhodes back in the ring, Paul turned his attention to Cole. Distracted, Rhodes hit Paul with a suicide dive and went on an extended offensive.

    Rhodes, after missing a Disaster Kick, landed a near-fall after the Bionic Elbow. The champion then stayed in control, locking in the Figure Four before Paul forced a rope break. Paul went for a slingshot clothesline, which Rhodes countered into a Cody Cutter for a two-count.

    Paul regained control by reversing a potentially devastating move from Rhodes into a CrossRhodes finisher. After a quick scare from Rhodes, Paul forced the action outside the ring and began to utilize the announce table. Paul went for a Pedigree on Rhodes, but he reversed it into a Cody Cutter on the table. Rhodes went back into the ring as the referee counted out Paul, but the champion waved off the count at eight.

    Rhodes went outside to deliver more punishment to Paul, but Maverick shoved Rhodes into the steel steps and set the champion up for a top-rope frog splash through the Arabic announce table. Paul pushed Rhodes back into the ring and hit another splash, but Rhodes kicked out at two again, leaving the challenger stunned.

    Rhodes would avoid a Paul turnbuckle splash, which connected with the referee instead. Rhodes hit Paul with a Vertebreaker and pinned Paul, but the incapacitated referee couldn't make the count. Paul capitalized, hitting Rhodes with a low blow before attempting to land the knockout blow with the brass knuckles. The special ring announcer Ibrahim al Hajjaj stopped Paul, allowing Rhodes to recover and land three CrossRhodes for the win.

    Cody Rhodes def. Logan Paul in 24:17 to retain the Undisputed WWE Championship.

  • King of the Ring Final: Gunther vs. Randy Orton

    Gunther came out first to very little fanfare. In what has become commonplace in the wake of Backlash earlier this month, the fans in Saudi Arabia sang Orton's theme song "Voices" as he made his deliberate march toward the ring.

    The match began with a stare-down between the two men and the crowd chanting. The two engaged in a collar-and-elbow tie up, with Gunther forcing Orton to the corner before breaking the hold. They repeated the sequence, with Orton gaining the upper hand this time around.

    Both men worked each others' arms before coming to another standoff. Orton had the first series of true offense with a pair of headlocks and a shoulder tackle. Gunther, after driving Orton into the corner, began to land vicious chops to Orton's chest. Orton, stunned but not down, caught a fourth chop attempt and started unloading on the Ring General himself.

    Orton went for a quick RKO attempt that Gunther was able to escape from. Orton began to sell a back injury, allowing Gunther to focus on that area of the Viper's body. Gunther remained in control, stalking the injured Orton around the ring. Gunther hit Orton with a back breaker and went for the first pin of the match.

    A shift in momentum occurred as Orton was able to fight and lift Gunther for a standing suplex and pair of clotheslines. Gunther, savvy to Orton's offense, avoided a snap powerslam and then regained the upper hand for a brief moment. Orton would finally land the powerslam and hit Gunther with his signature draped DDT. The crowd got behind Orton as he prepped Gunther for an RKO.

    Gunther, countering the RKO again, hit Orton with a body slam and landed a top-rope splash. Gunther went for a second, but Orton rolled out of the way and finally hit his finisher. Orton was unable to get to Gunther in time for the pin, allowing the Ring General to roll out of the ring.

    As action moved outside the ring, Orton slammed Gunther onto the announce table twice. Gunther recovered to shove Orton into the ring apron for a brief reprieve. Orton reversed a powerbomb attempt into a back-body drop and slammed Gunter onto the table for a third time.

    Both men returned to the ring and Gunther began to focus on Orotn's knee, locking in a half crab in the center of the ring. Orton attempted to fight out several times, but Gunther continued to reestablish the hold.

    The match had a sudden finish as Orton hit an RKO and went for a pin on Gunther. Gunther kicked out at two, hit Orton's knee and rolled him up for the pinfall victory.

    Gunther def. Randy Orton in 22:56 to win the King of the Ring Tournament.

  • Becky Lynch demands rematch

    A backstage segment showed Lynch berating Dominik Mysterio, who interfered in her match with Liv Morgan earlier in the event. Lynch said she would invoke her rematch clause on Monday against Liv Morgan.

  • Queen of the Ring Final: Lyra Valkyria vs. Nia Jax

    Nia Jax entered first, displaying intensity, but it was Lyra Valkyria who had the more memorable entrance with a massive pair of raven's wings adorned to her black bodysuit. It was Valkyria's first Premium Live Event appearance.

    Valkyria attempted several times to take down Jax with pinning combinations and a sleeper hold. Jax, showcasing her power, refused to go down until she was forced outside the ring. With Jax on the outside, Valkyria landed a drop kick through the ropes — but again, Jax didn't go down.

    As action returned to the ring, Jax landed a big elbow for the match's first near fall. Jax continued the punishment, eventually locking in a submission hold. A brief rally from Valkyria was snuffed out by a Samoan drop.

    Jax went for her Annihilator finisher both in the ring and on the apron, but Valkyria moved out of the way and landed a bulldog, missile drop kick and tornado DDT for her biggest flurry of offense to that point in the match.

    As Valkyria went to the top rope, Jax was able to move out of the way before landing a Samoan drop again. Jax's next attempt at her finisher was again countered, leading to a double stomp from Valkyria and a near-fall.

    Recovered, Jax carried Valkyria to the top drop for an avalanche Samoan drop. Valkyria attempted to counter into a sunset flip powerbomb, but Jax hit a massive Annihilator finisher for the win.

    Nia Jax def. Lyra Valkyria in 9:39 to win the Queen of the Ring tournament.

  • Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed vs. Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship

    Chad Gable was first to enter, accompanied initially by both Maxxine Dupri and Otis, but the Alpha Academy leader ordered Dupri backstage — furthering an ongoing story from "Monday Night Raw." Gable, who understandably has drawn parallels to Kurt Angle, was serenaded with "You Suck" chants from the Saudi crowd.

    Gable ominously suggested to Otis to "stick to the plan" before entering the ring.

    Reed entered next, and during his approach to the ring the ongoing QR code glitch storyline continued.

    Sami Zayn, returning to the Middle East, got a brief, special video package before emerging wearing a traditional Thawb. Zayn, as he is almost anywhere he performs on Earth, was the overwhelming crowd favorite.

    When the bell sounded, the powerhouse Reed gained the upper hand. Action spilled outside the ring and Zayn landed a splash to take out Reed. Zayn's momentum continued briefly before Reed again used his power to overwhelm both of his opponents.

    Gable, working as the clear heel, tied Zayn up in the ring apron and took Reed out with a missile drop kick.

    A recovered Zayn sent both Reed and Gable outside the ring and landed a senton to take both men out. Zayn would land the first near-fall of the match, hitting a top-rope, sunset flip powerbomb on Reed. After the pin, Zayn repeatedly went for the Blue Thunder Bomb, but failed.

    Action picked up as Gable reemerged, going for a superplex on Zayn, but Reed took out both men by turning it into a Tower of Doom-esque reversal. Reed then went for a massive moonsault on Zayn, but missed, Gable landed a moonsault of his own on Reed and then Zayn hit the big man with a tornado DDT.

    The frantic pace didn't slow. Gable — in another homage to Angle — secured the ankle lock on both men, Zayn hit Reed with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall which Gable broke up and then Reed had perhaps the spot of the match with a double Samoan drop into a suicide dive through the ropes.

    Gable, Zayn and Reed would exchange German suplexes before Gable, the smallest man in the match, took out both rivals with a double German suplex.

    Gable then called on Otis to take out Reed and Zayn, but the Alpha Academy member refused to hit Zayn. Gable began to insult and slap Otis, and finally coalesced. Unfortunately for Gable, Zayn ducked, and Otis hit Gable with a clothesline.

    Zayn rushed back into the ring, hit the Helluva Kick on Reed and scored the pinfall and win.

    Sami Zayn def. Bronson Reed and Chad Gable in 13:40 to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

  • Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch for the WWE Women's World Championship

    The King and Queen of the Ring main card kicked off with Morgan and Lynch.

    Lynch, the champion, entered first, wearing a tuxedo-inspired body suit and received an overwhelming reaction from fans.

    Morgan, on the other hand, received a lukewarm reaction from fans as she entered the match a clear heel.

    The match began with a collar-and-elbow tie up before the two women exchanged shoves. Lynch gained the upper hand in the early stages both inside and outside of the ring. Momentum shifted as Lynch went for a second-rope leg drop that was countered by Morgan for the match's first near-fall.

    Morgan kept up the punishment, countering several turnbuckle/rope maneuvers and slowing down the pace with submission holds. As the action continues with several near-falls and reversals, both women would take each other out with a pair of clotheslines.

    Champion and challenger engaged in a slugfest in the middle of the ring before Lynch landed a Becksploder suplex finisher and baseball slide kick. Lynch went for another top rope move, which Morgan briefly countered before eventually being hit with a missile drop kick for a near-fall. Lynch went for two Disarm-her submissions that were countered by Morgan, the second into a Code Breaker and another near fall.

    The theme of Lynch's high-risk moves being countered/dodged continued as Morgan turned the tables for a missile drop kick of her own and nearly finished the match with her ending maneuver, ObLIVioun. Lynch countered and began a chaotic sequence of back-and-forth pinning combinations and near-falls.

    Both women got to their feet and exchanged blows before trading submission holds — Lynch with the Disarm-her and Morgan with the Rings of Saturn. With Lynch seemingly closing in on a win, Dominik Mysterio emerged, distracting Lynch and nearly handing Morgan a win.

    As Morgan looked to capitalize on a distracted/battered Lynch, the champion landed a superplex. Mysterio threw a chair into the ring and occupied the referee, allowing Morgan to use the chair to her advantage and hit ObLIVion to score the win and become the new WWE Women's World Champion.

    Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch in 15:22 to win the WWE Women's World Championship.

  • Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae vs. Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

    The festivities in Saudi Arabia kicked off with the Women's Tag Team Championship match. The heel team of Hartwell and LeRae were first to make their entrance. The champions, Cargill and Bianca entered separately, both sparking cheers from the crowd, but notably Cargill seemed to garner a bigger reaction.

    Hartwell and Cargill started the action, with the champion using her physical dominance early, landing a fall-away slam and some tandem offense on the challenger. Action shifted to Belair and LeRae, with the former selling a storyline knee injury she has been dealing with for a couple of weeks. Belair would go for a gorilla press slam but LeRae would counter and then the heels honed in on Belair's knee.

    Hartwell kept up the punishment on Belair's knee, taunting the multi-time women's champion and isolating her from her corner. Belair's attempts to tag in Cargill were foiled several times and momentum stayed in Hartwell and LeRae's favor. Finally, after a reversal and rollthrough, Belair hit Cargill for the hot tag.

    Cargill unloaded on the challengers, landing multiple splashes on both women and a sit-down powerbomb on Hartwell for a near-fall. Hartwell and LeRae quickly regained momentum, with the latter landing a pair of high-risk moves on Cargill. LeRae's missile drop kick backfired sending Cargill to her own corner for a tag. Belair and Cargill then executed a tandem finisher to pick up the sudden win.

    Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill def. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae in 8:04 to retain their WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

  • Catch up on how we got to King and Queen of the Ring

    Here's a rundown of WWE's video hype packages for some of the matches taking place today:

  • WWE stars arrive at King and Queen of the Ring

    WWE showed off the arrivals for the talent performing on Saturday's card. Take a look (Bronson Reed wins best dressed).

  • WWE King and Queen of the Ring card, predictions

    Here's a rundown of the card for Saturday's event, as well as how I see each match unfolding.

    Logan Paul vs Cody Rhodes (c.) for the Undisputed WWE Championship – Similar to Rhodes’ match at Backlash earlier this month, I don’t expect the WWE’s top championship to change hands so soon after WrestleMania. That said, the build here has been Rhodes calling out Paul’s underhanded tactics during his reign as WWE United States Champion. Paul doesn’t have nearly the experience that Rhodes does in the business, but he’s among the most promising talents and biggest draws WWE has today. I definitely see Paul ditching his brass knuckles playbook and these two sharing a moment of mutual respect after Rhodes picks up his second successful premium live event title defense. Prediction: Cody Rhodes retains the Undisputed WWE Championship

    Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch (c.) for the WWE Women’s World Championship – I think Morgan is going to walk out of Saudi Arabia as the WWE Women’s World Champion, but we’ll likely get an extended program between these two. Lynch is a big enough star that she’ll always be in or around the title picture, but the “Liv Morgan revenge tour” makes a lot more sense with her winning the championship. Morgan has already won Money in the Bank in her career, so this is the best — and quickest— way to get her atop Raw’s women’s division. I’d expect this to clear the way for Lynch to enter and possibly win Money in the Bank and continue her feud with Morgan through the summer. Prediction: Liv Morgan win the WWE Women's World Championship

    Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed vs. Sami Zayn (c.) for the Intercontinental Championship – Chad Gable and the downfall of Alpha Academy is one of the more compelling angles in WWE currently, so I don’t necessarily see how him winning the championship here furthers that along. After Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa refused to intervene in his match with Zayn on the go-home Raw, it left just Gable and Otis in Alpha Academy. The most likely outcome here is Otis finally refuses to help Gable win, distracting him while Zayn picks up the win over Reed. Gable vs. Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship feels like a great SummerSlam opening match. Prediction: Sami Zayn retains the Intercontinental Championship

    Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell vs. Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship — A relatively late addition to the card, Belair and Cargill have both lost to Nia Jax over the past two weeks. This match could truly go either way, but I don't expect Belair and Cargill's reign to end quite yet. Prediction: Belair and Cargill retain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

    King of the Ring final: Gunther vs. Randy Orton – Orton has never won the King of the Ring in his Hall of Fame-worthy career and this could be one of the last opportunities to do so. That said, after his record Intercontinental Championship reign ended at WrestleMania, a King of the Ring win makes sense to elevate Gunther into the World Heavyweight Championship picture while keeping Cody Rhodes' opponent open for SummerSlam. Prediction: Gunther wins to be crowned King of the Ring

    Queen of the Ring final: Lyra Valkyria vs. Nia Jax– Sorry Lyra, but the crown will undoubtedly belong to Jax/Belair this year. With Bayley as a babyface champion, Jax being built into a major threat on SmackDown makes a ton of sense to set up a championship bout for SummerSlam. The King/Queen of the Ring usually works better with an insufferable heel and Jax fits the bill perfectly right now. Prediction: Nia Jax wins to be crowned Queen of the Ring