49ers LB Dre Greenlaw ejected after taking swipe at Eagles' head of security 'Big Dom'

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw isn't a dude anyone wants to mess with. The same should be said about Philadelphia Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro.

They call him "Big Dom" for a reason. He's a big man.

Greenlaw got ejected for taking a swipe at Big Dom on the sideline before the Niners eventually cruised to a 42-19 victory. Greenlaw suplexed Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith near the Philadelphia sideline at the end of a 13-yard gain to the 49ers' 24-yard line. The Eagles sideline, including DiSandro, immediately started yelling at the officials to throw a flag. Greenlaw then stuck a finger in DiSandro's face, making contact with him.

It wasn't a big shot but the contact was enough to get him ejected.

DiSandro was ejected too. DiSandro left the sideline as Philly fans gave him a standing ovation and wildly cheered. The postgame officiating pool report explained further:

You see new things all the time in the NFL, and a linebacker and opposing team head of security being ejected for getting into a scuffle might be a first for everyone.