Ball Don't Lie - NBA

An MVP-to-MVP alley-oop. Excluding anything tossed from either Magic Johnson or Steve Nash's(notes) hands to any lucky All-Star game recipient, it's a rare sight to behold. And it's certainly made all the more rarer when the throwdown artist on the receiving end is a sprightly-but-smallish point guard. And yet, Kobe Bryant(notes) and Derrick Rose(notes) delivered the goods.

The setting was an exhibition game that took place in Manila on Friday night, North American-time. The Philippines is a basketball-mad country that more than deserved an all-star game of sorts between NBA players and the cream of the crop from the Philippine Basketball Association. And, via a tweet sent our way on Saturday, we have this clampdown from Kobe to D-Rose:

The smile on Alex Cabagnot's face (he's No. 5 in the video) says it all. Hurry back, NBA.

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Ball Don't Lie

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