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Create-a-Caption: ‘Hey, Michael Beasley! What’s up, man?’

"It's so cool that you came to my introductory press conference, Mike! Didn't expect to see you there — I really appreciate you making the time. It's not like I didn't think you were a good guy or something; I just thought you'd be too busy packing.

"I mean, no, no, that's right, you're going to be on the team next year. For sure. My bad. That's totally reasonable and believable, and my agents definitely didn't get any assurances that that wouldn't be the case. Doy. Can't believe I forgot all that. What a whirlwind couple of days -- I don't know what I'm saying!"

Best caption wins a close shave. Good luck.

In our last adventure: J.J. Barea(notes) surveys his adoring public in Puerto Rico.

Create-a-Caption: ‘Hey, Michael Beasley! What’s up, man?’Winner, Jlpamc: After missing the first pair, J.J. Barea now keeps his hand in perfect position to catch the next pair of panties thrown his way.

Runner-up, Nippopotamus: Even after days of intense training with a former Miss Universe, J.J. continues to struggle with the art of parade waving.

Second runner-up, Isaac M: "¡Soy una dona de jalea!"

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Ball Don't Lie

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