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As you may have heard, Golden Globe-winning actor and insane person Charlie Sheen has been in the news recently for saying a ton of crazy things, because, well, he's crazy. He appears to be in a downward spiral, except it's also pretty hilarious and no one's exactly sure if they should lament his state of mind or continue to laugh at him. (Or with him? What does it mean when you laugh with an insane person?)

Whatever you think about Sheen, there's no denying that he's the hottest story around for people who have never heard of Libya or the Wisconsin union fight. As such, the experts in the Dallas Mavericks' viral video department have whipped up a short video to capitalize on Sheen's most famous catchphrase. (Wait, can insane people have catchphrases? What kind of world is this?)

Above, please watch Dirk Nowitzki(notes) gaze into a mirror, play with the bobblehead in his likeness to be given away during the team's March 20 contest against the Warriors, and don a long blond wig to match his doll. Oh, and then he tops it all off by quoting Sheen's "winning!" because no one has gotten tired of it yet.

I've called the Mavs' video team the best in the league in the past and still believe that to be true, but this seems like a misfire. In a few weeks, something tells me we'll look back on this whole Sheen ordeal and why our entire country became fixated on the ephemeral rantings of a man with serious chemical imbalances in his brain. When the Mavs' video people are at their best, they combine topicality with a bizarre angle to create something with a surprising staying power. This one, however, is just weird.

On the other hand, that bobblehead looks pretty cool.

(Via PBT)

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Ball Don't Lie

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