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Last night, during Ball Don't Lie's apocalyptic storm live blog, Dwyer and I were a little taken aback by Rip Hamilton repeatedly calling Michelle Tafoya "sir" right to her face. I mean, one slip of the tongue, sure. Her voice is a little deep. That happens. But two times? That just seemed rude. Peep the second "sir," via Real Clear Sports.

But oh, how wrong we were. (Stupid, silly bloggers.) BDL champion Jason writes in: "Rip actually said "YES'SIR!" guys, which is a trademark Hamilton response. You can download an .mp3 it from the Pistons' website."

Ah, well, there you go. It was a YES'SIR, not a "yes — pause — sir." Glad we got that cleared up.

Now back to you, Breeana.

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