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Lest anyone get confused, let me make this perfectly clear; I'm kidding about the headline. The NBA didn't necessarily make this change because they read Ball Don't Lie, FanHouse or any other NBA blog. But hey, feel free to humor us ...

After 40 hours of intense, meticulous review, the NBA announced today that a statistical error was made during the Cavaliers-Knicks game on Feb. 4 at Madison Square Garden. The boo-boo? Exactly what we pointed out to you on Thursday — a Knicks' scorekeeper incorrectly crediting LeBron James with this, his ninth rebound:

Due to the correction, James finished Wednesday's game with just nine rebounds — one board short of a historic triple-double. This, of course, is really bad news for the rest of league. Why? Because knowing the way LeBron operates, he'll probably now make it his personal mission to lead the league in rebounds.

This bear needs no poking.

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Ball Don't Lie

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