101-year-old marathoner will finally retire

Jay Busbee
January 25, 2013

A 101-year-old man who almost certainly must be the world's oldest marathoner has decided to hang up his competitive shoes after one more race.

Fauja Singh of India, who runs under the nickname "the Turbaned Tornado," has said that at long last, he's getting too old for this business. He'll retire from racing after the Feb. 24 Hong Kong Marathon, according to Discovery. He turns 102 on April 1.

Singh, who says he was born a year before the Titanic sank, first took up marathoning at age 89 (!), and has run races all over the world. Last year, he completed the London Marathon in a time of seven hours and 49 minutes, and carried the Olympic torch prior to the London Games.

Even though he'll be retiring from marathoning, Singh says he'll keep on running four hours a day. "Running is my life," he said. "I will keep running to inspire the masses."

He does do that. He credits daily exercise and a good diet as the reasons behind his longevity. So, yeah, you are officially out of excuses.

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