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Greg Wyshynski

Switzerland vs. Norway Olympic hockey live blog

Greg Wyshynski
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Yes, we're live blogging Switzerland and Norway. Why? Well, a variety of reasons.

First, the Swiss put themselves on the map with their effort against the Canadians on Thursday. No one thinks they're going to medal. Everyone now thinks they're going to be a major source of annoyance and potential stunner in the elimination round. Especially if Jonas Hiller(notes) continues his progress, going from a so-so game against the Americans to a No. 1 star effort against the Canadians.

A win here gives the Swiss four points and a potentially winnable game in the following round.

As for Norway ... well, as if we'd pass up a chance to watch Tore Vikingstad again. Sorry, that should be Tore VIKINGSTAD!

We'll be offering live thoughts on this game throughout the day. Use the comments as an open thread, and check back here for news and views.

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First Period

Less than a minute in, and we have 2010 Olympic history: Our first penalty shot.

A scramble in the crease of Norway's Pal Grotnes saw Thierry Paterlini of Switzerland fire a shot at an open net, only to have Norway defenseman Jonas Holos slide over and make an incredible skate save. The pile in the crease resulted in a Norway defender covering the puck with his hand, resulting in a penalty shot.

Hnat Domenichelli took the shot for the Swiss, cutting left and getting stopped by Grotnes. And then ...

Swiss 1-0 (1:03 1st)

Switzerland scores just five seconds after the penalty shot, as Domenichelli atones for his hockey sins with a steal off the faceoff and Julien Sprunger, president of the David Backes(notes) fan club, scores on a snap shot form the circle.

13:00 — Swiss kill a 4-minute penalty, a 5-on-3 and nearly score shorthanded. So yeah, Norway's special teams might need some work. Although their power play is outstanding if you like overpassing and turnovers. Hey, it works for Russia.

Norway 1-1 (12:21, 1st)

It's spelled V-I-K-I-N-G-S-T-A-D.

The fabulously named Norwegian player ties the game, collecting the puck in the slot, skating to Hiller's left, going forehand/backhand and slipping the puck under Hiller's pad. Nice move, but the Swiss goalie uncharacteristically out of position on that one.

Second Period

Shots were 13-4 in favor of the Swiss in the first period, which is stunning when you consider Norway's power-play time (4:12, including a 2-man advantage).

Juha Kaunismaki of Switzerland didn't play a single second in the first. One of the few times we've seen that from a player this tournament.

Norway 2-1 (5:24, 2nd)

Norway's upset bid continues: On the power play, Mads Hansen blasts a shot from the blue line that appeared to beat Hiller -- not having a strong game -- cleanly. Swiss are playing some undisciplined hockey today, in every zone. It's surprising.

Swiss 2-2 (9:55, 2nd)

One of the hidden stars of this tournament is Roman Wick of the Swiss, who's made something happen offensively in both previous games. He struck again here, on a one-timer off a feed from defenseman Mathias Seger to tie it.

This game has been one of the most competitive of the tournament, and the fans are warming up to it here.

Swiss 3-2 (15:42, 2nd)

Goal of the tournament candidate by Raffaele Sannitz of Switerland to give his team the lead: Getting a pass from the slot, lifting the puck to himself and then batting it out of the air behind Grotnes. Incredible.

Norway 3-3 (18:46, 2nd)

Aaaaaaaand Norway strikes back, as Mats Zuccarello Aasen makes a behind the net pass to VIKINGSTAD! for his second of the game, roofed over Hiller. Swiss outshoot the Norwegians 11-8, and we're going to the third tied.

By the way: Taunting a Norwegian player in the penalty box with an inflatable kangaroo is pretty ... odd.

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Third Period

Swiss 4-3 (9:56, 3rd)

Wick strikes again for the Swiss. Playing in the right circle on the power play, Wick inched in to freeze the defense before sending a pass across the ice to the wonderfully named Severin Blindenbacher for the go-ahead goal. Norway was in the box for too many men on the ice; tough one to handle in the third period.

Norway 4-4 (12:18, 3rd)


Hiller misplays the puck in the corner for a Swiss turnover, and a pass to Vikingstad in front for the hat trick. Might have been our first no-trapezoid influenced goals of the tournament.

Incidentally, one hat on the ice after the goal. Then the scoreboard mentioned a hat trick, and about eight hit the ice. And no a single one had Viking horns. Lame.


We're tied 4-4.

Swiss 5-4, 2:32 of OT

Tommy Jacobson throws his stick in disgust after Romano Lemm breaks his check and tips a puck in for the win. Great game.

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