Notre Dame’s Louis Nix III responds to Brady Hoke ‘chickening out’ comment

Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix III has never been one to shy away from the spotlight, so when Michigan coach Brady Hoke accused the Irish of “chickening out” of their series with the Wolverines, Nix had to chime in.


Not gonna lie, #MeatChicken might be my favorite new hashtag. What is exactly is that? Isn’t all chicken meat? From now on, I’m just gonna drop the hashtag #MeatChicken into random tweets and stories.

But I digress.

Notre Dame canceled games against Michigan from 2015-17. Both schools mutually canceled games in 2018 and 2019.

While Hoke is taking the snub personally, Notre Dame has had to cancel a couple series in order to comply with its new agreement with the ACC, which requires the Irish to play five games against ACC opponents.

No one wants to see this rivalry, which is one of the best in college football, go away, but it seems like that’s becoming the norm in college football. At least we have the next couple years to enjoy what’s left of Michigan-Notre Dame.

Oh, and Nix has one final message for Hoke:


- - -

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