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College Game Day sign asking for Bitcoins nets student nearly $23,000

Graham Watson
Dr. Saturday

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(Business Insider)

One enterprising college student made nearly $23,000 just for holding up a sign during ESPN’s College Football Game Day.

The sign was simple enough. It read: “Hi Mom send” and then had a QR code and a Bitcoin logo.

Now, you might have heard about Bitcoin. It's a fairly new online currency that’s used all around the world. It’s relatively anonymous and wildly lucrative. The current Bitcoin exchange rate is: 1 Bitcoin = $1,024.50.

Yes, you read that right.

The young man with the sign received 100 transactions totaling 22 Bitcoins for a total of $22,539. Of course the exchange rate fluxuates, so that number is approximate.

So, how did this happen?

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Well, according to Business Insider, some folks who support Bitcoin on Reddit saw the sign and were able to enlarge the QR code that, when scanned with, say, a smartphone, led to the sign holder’s wallet. The QR code spread and the money started coming in.

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So, kudos to this smart – and so far unidentified - college student who now has enough money to pay off a year’s worth of student loans, buy a car or throw the most epic kegger ever.

Thanks to Business Insider

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