Mikhail Prokhorov’s life is now a comic book

Dan Devine
November 9, 2012

I mean, I guess it's cool that the Brooklyn Nets have a mascot that was designed by Marvel Comics and that Nets fans were given promotional comic books detailing his origin at the team's first home game, but what I bet would be really cool is a comic recounting the life story of Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov. We already know that billionaire playboys who party with models and love expensive fancy machines make for successful comic book characters; this seems like a very natural fit.

Luckily, I will soon find out for sure, because this now exists:

Yep, that's right — a comic book about the life and times of Mickey P is is now available. Get amped, and get ready to stuff all types of stockings with tales of Russian derring-do and nickel-mining this holiday season.

"Orbit: Mikhail Prokhorov" will reportedly tell the tale of Prokhorov's rise from a metal-mining entrepreneur to one of the world's wealthiest people in the world, an owner of a major American professional sports franchise and an ascendant force in Russian politics. All of that's great, so long as we also get plenty of panels dedicated to the heli-skiingJet-Ski-stunt-riding, kickboxing and disco-frequenting, too.

The publisher of the Prokhorov comic, Bluewater Productions Inc., is an independent production studio that ships titles created in partnership with the likes of William Shatner, Adam West, Julie Newmark and Vincent Price, and has produced a slew of biographical books about celebrities. Their "Fame" series has profiled 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, David Beckham and Danica Patrick; "Female Force" has featured renowned women like Hillary Clinton, Michele Obama and Sonia Sotomayor; the male-skewing "Orbit" line includes books on Stephen King, Howard Stern and, now, Prokhorov. Naturally.

It can be yours for the low, low cost of $3.99; if it's anywhere near as entertaining as Prokhorov's recent interview in the New York Post, it'd be a bargain at twice the price.