Create-a-Caption: ‘Beat it, nerd’

Dan Devine
July 30, 2012

Man, put on a pair of Rec-Specs, and all of a sudden even the refs feel like they can give you the business. Sorry, Tony Parker. Hope your glass-punctured-then-surgically-repaired left eye gets better soon, if for no other reason than, just like Metta World Peace, I think bullies are the ones who should beat it.

Best caption wins Parker's answer as to what the googles are doing for him. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kobe Bryant is very good at charades — I guessed that his favorite Muppet is Guy Smiley on the first try.

Winner, KDubbbs: "Hahaha, good one — someone just said Phoenix gave us Steve freakin' NASH."

Runner-up, Keith: "... and then Bynum told me to pass him the ball."

Second runner-up, Orchard: "Dwight still wants a trade to Los Angeles? Is that still going on?"

NOTE: Hey, come on, Orchard. The fact that we're STILL HEARING Dwight Howard trade rumors/demands/requests/rumors/insinuations/quotes/rumors/rumors/rumors, and very well might be hearing them for the next year, isn't funny. It's tragic, more than anything.