Young Bluejays On A Roll

Some fans may have jumped off the Creighton baseball bandwagon two seasons ago after the Bluejays lost at home to St. John's in the Big East baseball tournament. And many more may have leaped after Creighton suffered an embarrassing loss to rival Nebraska 15-2. And then again lost in the Big East tournament, falling short of the NCAA tournament once again. And then a few more may have given up after the team started off this season 1-11.

The loyal fans who have stuck with the team have been treated to quite a turnaround as the Bluejays have won 17 out of 22 games, which included a ten game winning streak. And as the home stretch of the regular season begins the Jays find themselves in first place by two games.

Creighton will take on Xavier in a key three game series this weekend. But before that the Bluejays will renew an old rivalry as the take on Wichita State in a midweek game Tuesday night at 6:30 at TD Ameritrade park.

The turnaround has been fueled by all aspects of the team. The errors that were common early in the season have all but disappeared. The starting staff, which looked to be the strength of this team early on, has performed to expectations and has given the team a chance to win every game on the weekend during the conference season. And the bats, led by second baseman Isaac Collins, have delivered some clutch hits while supplying power which past teams have lacked. All this from a team that is full of freshman and first year starters who have been subject to a big dose of on the job training.

Who knows how this season will end. Will it be another disappointing tournament loss? Who knows but after this late season run the future looks bright for this Jays program.

So to those who abandoned the team over the last two years there is plenty of room, and time, for you to come back. Catch a game or two over the next few weeks and I think you will once again be hooked by this team. And it will be just in time for another home field advantage in the Big East tournament.