World Cup 2018: England fans filmed singing anti-Semitic songs, performing Nazi salutes in Russian bar

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English fans were filmed performing Nazi salutes at Russia bar during World Cup.
English fans were filmed performing Nazi salutes at Russia bar during World Cup.

A group of England fans were filmed singing anti-Semitic songs and performing Nazi salutes Monday, in Volgograd, Russia, the city in which England defeated Tunisia 2-1.

Not only do the men filmed in the Galleriya Pub appear to raise their arms and shout ‘sieg-heil,’ a popular Nazi chant, but they also sing the words: “We’re on the way to Auschwitz, and we’re going to gas them again.”

Auschwitz was the Nazi concentration camp linked to around 960,000 deaths of Jewish people during World War II, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The England fans in the video sang the anti-Semitic song to the tune of an old Tottenham Hotspur song called “Ossie’s Dream.” That song has the lyrics, “We’re on our way to Wembley.”

This film is yet another example of discrimination at the 2018 World Cup. During Mexico’s 1-0 win against Germany, Mexican fans yelled an anti-gay slur at an opposing goalkeeper set to take a goal kick. Like it has in the past after the chant was yelled, FIFA opened disciplined proceedings against the Mexican soccer federation.

There was also former Tottenham owner, current TV personality and politician Alan Sugar, who sent out a tweet comparing Senegal World Cup players to people who sell sunglasses and purses on a beach in southern Spain.

He has since apologized for the tweet, by tweeting: “It was in no way intended to cause offence, and clearly my attempt at humour has backfired. I have deleted the tweet and am very sorry.”

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