WNBA standing with Planned Parenthood after latest Trump administration rule


The Trump administration announced plans on Friday to implement a rule preventing reproductive healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood from funds if they provide abortion referrals.

Just hours later, WNBA President Lisa Borders tweeted out a statement announcing that she and the league “stands with Planned Parenthood.”

“The WNBA stands with Planned Parenthood against the Trump administration’s most recent attack on a woman’s right to affordable, safe and comprehensive health care,” the statement read. “Planned Parenthood provides essential services for families and communities across the country and to support their critical work is to support all women.”

The statement comes shortly after the league announced its “Take a Seat, Take a Stand” program. For every ticket purchased this season, fans can choose from six organizations focused on women’s issues for the WNBA to donate $5 — including Planned Parenthood.

The WNBA has a long history of activism, which makes this stand fairly unsurprising. In 2016, multiple teams in the league wore black warm up shirts to protest a string of police shooting. They then staged a media blackout after being fined by the league for the shirts.

The WNBA season kicked off on Friday night, and runs through September.

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