Why does Boston’s Jayson Tatum walk the ball up the court so much?

The Boston Celtics are rarely at their best when star forward Jayson Tatum freelances as the team’s point guard while bringing the ball up the floor. Yet, we see it fairly often even now in games after Boston paying a steep price for Tatum’s bad habits in more than one postseason run.

Now, an anonymous opposing NBA exec has shared with Heavy’s Steve Bulpett why he believes JT plays point guard, even with plenty of evidence his casual pace up the court is hurting the Celtics. “It’s when he gets tired,” they explained. “When you’re fatigued a little bit, you turn and get the ball, and you walk up at your pace.”

“If you don’t get the ball, then you have to run,” they added. “You’re required to run the court.”

“They’ve got point guards,” noted the exec. “Every one of them should dribble the ball up the court so he doesn’t have to. But that means he’s got to run. Remember the Finals against Golden State? He was bringing it up, and they were pressuring him.”

“I think that took something out of him and out of their offense. He’s too important to have him doing that job, too, unless he’s got the ball and sees an opening for transition.”

If Taco Jay can excise any lingering bad habits, Kobe-style fadeaways when not utterly necessary are likely at the top of the list. But eliminating point Tatum can’t be too far behind.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire