Where is Ghost? Game of Thrones fans demand to know where Jon Snow's direwolf is

Clémence Michallon
The Independent

Game of Thrones's season eight premiere has given fans much to discuss – and left them with one major question: where is Ghost?

Curious viewers are eager to find out what has become of Jon Snow's direwolf, which he adopted as a pup in season one.

Many expected Jon to get reunited with Ghost in the season eight premiere, upon his return to Winterfell, but the direwolf was nowhere to be seen.

Fans have expressed their frustration on Twitter, demanding to know where Jon's loyal companion has gone.

"Am I the only one who’s wondering where the f*** is Ghost and why Jon hasn’t gone to see him yet?!" one person asked in one of many messages questioning Ghost's absence.

"Last night's #GameofThrones season eight premiere was fantastic, but I feel I speak for most of the fandom when I ask: WHERE IS GHOST?" another viewer wrote.

"Okay it’s heavy on my mind now. Where the hell is Ghost?" someone else wondered.

No official explanation for Ghost's absence has been given so far, but visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer has previously said the direwolf would be back for season eight.

“Oh, you’ll see him again. He has a fair amount of screen time in season eight,” Bauer told The Huffington Post in 2018. “He does show up.”

Game of Thrones is available on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK, and on HBO in the US.

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