Where do the Cowboys fit among the NFL’s elite? | You Pod to Win the Game

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab discuss where Big D’s dominant win over the Chicago Bears put them in the NFL power rankings. Plus, why does Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones refuse to admit that Tony Pollard is a better option at running back than Ezekiel Elliott? Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


FRANK SCHWAB: Dallas Cowboys 49, Chicago Bears 29. And, Charles, I'm just gonna start with this. Like I see on Twitter every once in a while, or wherever on TV, who's the fourth-best team in the NFL? There's no question who the fourth best team. It is the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys, if you have been paying attention to this team, unless you're still holding on to week one and what happened against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this is the fourth-best team in football clearly.

Now they're not top three. Top three is in a tier by itself. But I think a performance like this shows why the Cowboys are what they are. Now the Chicago Bears aren't the best team in the world, but they just beat the New England Patriots on the road on Monday night. They come out, get smoked by 20. Tony Pollard's awesome. Dak looks--


FRANK SCHWAB: Right? Dak looks like he's back. Micah Parsons scores a touchdown when Justin Fields high hurdles him instead of touching him. But whatever. But the funny thing is-- because Jerry always makes a punchline out of this. Even Jerry after the game is like, no, no, Zeke, once he comes back, we go as Zeke goes. Come on, Jerry. Did you see this guy? He just rushed for 131 and three touchdowns. What are you talking about?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Zeke is clearly a material witness of some sort. He clearly-- I don't know what he was around for that Jerry did. But he has gotten paid, and they just keep, every time--

FRANK SCHWAB: Cannot give up that ghost, man.

CHARLES ROBINSON: All the evidence to the contrary. And this dude-- I watch Pollard, and I'm like, this does not seem like a surprise. This just-- this guy is clearly a very dynamic player. Every single time he gets opportunities, there's juice. I have no clue what exactly they think they're accomplishing here by leaning back into Zeke. And you know what, I will say this too--

FRANK SCHWAB: I don't get it.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Zeke, I think, has been-- he's been decent this year. I feel like he's run hard. He's looked pretty good. he's Still-- but the thing is, Tony Pollard, he has an explosive element to him, just a lightning shot that it feels like isn't there with Zeke. Zeke's better at the physical end of it. He's a great pass blocker. I mean, there's all these things. But, yeah, I don't-- this Dallas Cowboys team--

FRANK SCHWAB: Good goal-line back. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, the goal-line back.

FRANK SCHWAB: And, I mean, I'm not saying Pollard should be some 90% snap guy because I don't know that he could take that. I don't know that he'd be still standing in January when they really need him. Zeke needs to be part of this thing, obviously. But their insistence on this, it's weird almost. It's like, why? Like you said, a material witness.

But you're with me, right? The Cowboys are the fourth-best team in the NFL. Is there any questions about this? This is a good football team.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I mean, I had to-- yeah, I think there's a really solid argument for it. I mean, it just doesn't-- their defense is just so dominating. The thing about their defense is they give up some stuff now and then, but they just, over the expanse of a game, they're going to hit your quarterback.


CHARLES ROBINSON: They're going to force turnovers.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah, definitely.

CHARLES ROBINSON: They're just--

FRANK SCHWAB: They're a big-play--


FRANK SCHWAB: --defense.

CHARLES ROBINSON: They are big play. That's exactly it. They're a big-play defense. Yeah, I think-- let's see what Cincinnati looks like. The Ja'Marr Chase hip thing, I don't know how much that affects things.

FRANK SCHWAB: I just don't know who else would be number four. People are arguing about teams. I'm like, come on, man. Just give the Cowboys their due. They're really, really good.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, I would agree with that.