Watch Tyreek Hill's absurd speed on teammate's TD, beating him to the end zone

Kansas City Chiefs running back Damien Williams ripped off a 91-yard rushing touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings. It was a terrific play.

But amazingly, he might not have been the most impressive highlight on that play. Not taking anything against Williams on his great run ... but teammate Tyreek Hill’s rare, game-changing speed was on full display.

Williams cut through the defense and beat the deepest defender into the clear. When that happened, Hill was perpendicular to his teammate — and about seven yards behind him.

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That’s when Hill turned on the afterburners.

That’s just insane. He burned right past Vikings cornerback Mackensie Alexander like he was stuck in mud. And Hill had no real trouble getting past Williams — who ran a 4.4 40-yard dash coming out of college — as the fastest end-zone escort you might ever see.

Hill, we know, is fast. But this is fast-enough-to-be-pulled-over-while-driving-in-a-parking-lot fast.

We feel bad pushing Williams’ feat to the side. But you just don’t see an extra gear like this too much, even in a league full of exceptional athletes.

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