Watch Nimble the mixed-breed dog demolish the 2024 Westminster Masters Agility course in under 30 seconds

Nimble lived up to its name this weekend.

The 2024 Westminster Dog Show is here, and as we’ve seen in years past, the Masters Agility competition is thrilling as heck (and sometimes, it’s heartbreaking).

This year? We got some history. Nimble is a mixed-breed dog from Maryland, but it’s known as an All-American Dog in the competition (and they’re allowed in the Agility contest). And what Nimble did was astounding on the way to becoming the first All-American to win the competition: Nimble ran the course in under 30 seconds with a time of 28.76 seconds. WOW!

Check this flawless run out from the eventual winner:

Story originally appeared on For The Win