Watch: Matthew Stafford is getting a new documentary and it looks awesome

Matthew Stafford isn’t a very public or outspoken person, often trying to stay out of the spotlight when he isn’t on the field throwing touchdown passes. He isn’t active on social media and only created an Instagram account in the summer of 2022, so fans don’t get a behind-the-scenes look at the Rams quarterback.

They will next month, however.

The Rams released a trailer for a new documentary on Stafford, which will release on April 18 on the team’s social media channels and NFL Network. It’s called “Matthew Stafford: Locked in” and it looks awesome.

The trailer features mic’d-up moments, exclusive interviews and a peek into Stafford’s life off the field, which should only make fans appreciate what a great quarterback and person he is. It’s not a documentary about Stafford’s rise to stardom, but rather it focuses on the second half of the 2023 season when the Rams made a push to the playoffs by winning seven of their last eight games.

“I’ve observed Matthew Stafford’s progression from his high school days to the NFL, and it’s clear that his true character has never fully been captured until this moment,” said director Justin Polk. “This documentary isn’t just about football, it’s about peeling back the layers to reveal the multifaceted individual beneath – showcasing the leader, teammate, and father within. You’re about to see a side of him you never knew existed, offering a unique perspective on one of the NFL’s finest quarterbacks who hasn’t received the respect he rightfully deserves.”

Check out the full video below, which is capped off by a powerful message from Stafford.

“I want a gold jacket and I know what I’ve got to do to get there and that’s win Super Bowls.”

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire