Watch lions go from ‘lazily walking to laser-focused stalking’

Several lions were captured in video on a leisurely stroll in Xai Xai, Botswana, until they spotted a giraffe drinking from a watering hole.

The change in their pace was instant.

“They went from lazily walking to laser-focused stalking, slipping into hunting mode,” David Sher told LatestSightings.

Sher captured footage of the encounter as his group drove along a sandy road by the Chobe River.

The lions crept up very quietly and spread out to surround the unsuspecting giraffe as it drank. Suddenly, the giraffe noticed the lions and the race was on, a pride of lions chasing a lone giraffe.

“It was amazing to see how it all happened right there!” LatestSightings wrote. “Lions hunting giraffes is really interesting to watch. When lions hunt giraffes, they have to work as a team because giraffes are not only big, they’re also strong and can kick hard. They have to be smart and quiet as they sneak up on the giraffe. Then they rush out all at once to try to surprise it. Giraffes can defend themselves by kicking really hard, so the lions have to be careful.”

In this instance, the giraffe successfully escaped, leaving the lions to lie down in the river bed to reflect on a missed opportunity.

“It was just beautiful to witness the sheer will to live from the giraffe and the lions’ natural instincts in play—even if they didn’t result in a kill,” Sher said.

Story originally appeared on For The Win