Washington's Dan Snyder does perhaps the most Dan Snyder thing ever

Shutdown Corner

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is not one of the most well-liked owners in the NFL, perhaps especially by fans of the franchise he owns. And he’s a bit awkward.

But what he, or his assistant, did in response to a fan might be his most awkward – yet objectively funny – thing Snyder has done.

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According to a post by Reddit user “sittinindacaddy,” he felt so strongly about Washington keeping quarterback Kirk Cousins that he wrote a letter (letters, remember those quaint, charming things?) to Snyder on Dec. 1, imploring the owner to “do everything in his power” to keep Cousins on the team.

Last month, Cousins signed a three-year, fully-guaranteed contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

On Monday, sittinindacaddy got a FedEx envelope with the return address of Washington’s Ashburn, Virginia, executive offices. It contained one thing: a full-length, autographed photo of Snyder.


Of all the things Snyder could have sent – a hat, perhaps a DVD with highlights from the 2017 season, heck, even a “thank you for your support” note – this was chosen?

Never change, Dan.

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