Washington Redskins may not wear their 'Color Rush' uniforms

Shutdown Corner
One man’s gold is another man’s trash “Color Rush” uniform. (Instagram)
One man’s gold is another man’s trash “Color Rush” uniform. (Instagram)

The NFL’s Thursday Night Football “Color Rush” eye sores have become the tradition viewers love to hate. These unis are so widely panned, they’ve even irritated the color blind. Few teams find these jerseys more despicable than the Washington Redskins and according to head coach Jay Gruden, the Washington Redskins still aren’t sure they’ll even wear them on Thursday night against the Dallas Cowboys.

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If you think this is just some playful ribbing of the league, think again. The Redskins care way to much about their sartorial choices. Before the annual owner’s meetings last March, the Redskins proposed an amendment that would allow teams to opt out of wearing the monochromatic “Color Rush” uniforms.

By the way, the penalty for not wearing the uniforms is only $5,000. The Redskins should just pay the fine and stop letting these unis be a nuisance.


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