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The Rush: Chiefs win fifth straight, Lions get first win and Justin Herbert does it all

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Week 13 of NFL play brought luck to the Detroit Lions who finally won their first game of the season as time expired, the Chiefs beat Denver to maintain first place in the competitive AFC West, Justin Herbert dazzles on offense and defense in the Chargers’ mauling of the Bengals and the Ravens take a risk that doesn’t pay off. Plus, NFL fashion icon Gardner Minshew serves up substance over style as starting quarterback in the Eagles’ win over the Jets.

Video Transcript

- Here's Hockenson inside.

Here we go. Goff, from the gun to the end zone, it is caught! Touchdown!


LIZ LOZA: Happy Monday, everyone. I don't know about you, but my adrenaline is still pumping after the Detroit Lions finally won a [BLEEP]-ing game.


The Lions were in the driver's seat for most of the game but gave up the lead to the Vikings with under two minutes to play, natch. It took the Lions the final play of their 12th game of the season to get their first win, but hey, better late than never, right?

- From the gun to the end zone, it is caught! Touchdown!

LIZ LOZA: The players and fans are celebrating like they won the Super Bowl when this is their actual record. But you know what, Detroit? Mazel. You got your very own Motor City Hanukkah miracle.

- Mazel tov!

LIZ LOZA: On the flip side, the Ravens went looking for a walk-off win too. After scoring a touchdown with 12 seconds to play and down by one point, John Harbaugh opted to forgo the PAT to tie and aim big for the win with a point conversion.

- Jackson throw it, Andrews can't get to it. Cannot reel it in. Incomplete.

LIZ LOZA: While I thoroughly admire the chutzpah, in hindsight, with the best record in the AFC on the line, take the tie and try for the win and OT.

One of the tightest competitions in the league comes out of the AFC West, where Kansas City and Denver were looking to move on up within the division.

- Bridgewater under pressure, headed, as he throws it's intercepted by Daniel Sorensen. And Bridgewater can't knock him down, and Sorensen's going to go all the way for a touchdown.

LIZ LOZA: With that win over the Broncos, the Chiefs get their fifth-straight victory and sit atop the division.

My favorite performance out of that division though was from Chargers' quarterback Justin Herbert. This guy went five tool, doing some everything in a win over the Bengals. He threw three touchdown passes, including this one, going 61 yards through the air.

- Battle, caught! Touchdown Guyton.

LIZ LOZA: He caught a pass from Keenan Allen for a 2-point conversion.

- Trickery. Allen to throw it, on time to Herbert, the connection made.

LIZ LOZA: And even made a tackle.

- Down in there with it. And he's tackled by Herbert in the open field.

LIZ LOZA: In the NFC, I got to give props to Gardner Minshew, who started in place of the injured Jalen Hurts and balled out. Gardner completed 20 of 25 passes for 242 yards, two touchdowns, zero turnovers, and got the Eagles a win over the Jets. Minshew Mania is back, just in time for the Eagles to go on bye. Check out this video of Gardner celebrating the win with his dad.

- Let's go, man. [INAUDIBLE] [BLEEP]

- [INAUDIBLE] this Sunday.

LIZ LOZA: I'm here for all of this. I love this look for Gardner, doing his best David Arquette as Dewey from Scream. I'm also getting Tom Cruise and Top Gun vibes. I mean, Minshew is a style icon. On the off chance Hurts sits again in week 15, I'm going to need to bring back those jorts. Yeah, even during a Philly winter.