Ukrainian pilots say Russia controls 'very little part' of Ukrainian sky

Ukrainian pilots joined CNN's "New Day" on Thursday to discuss the fighting in their country, commenting on the control Russia has in Ukraine's airspace.

"We feel free to operate, right now, to operate in our airspace. They have control of very little part of Ukrainian sky." one pilot said, who was not named for security reasons but called "Moonfish." "We are able to keep our sky out of Russia."

The other pilot, whom the host called "Juice," said his job was to intercept Russian targets, as Russia has launched more than 1,000 missiles into Ukraine during the invasion.

Moonfish said he does not believe the war will end soon as the fighting has been ongoing for a month.

NATO estimates Russia has lost more than 15,000 troops and six generals. Ukraine has not released estimates of soldiers killed during the fighting.

Ukraine and Russia have been engaging in negotiations to try to end the war, but a timeline is unclear of when an agreement might be reached.

Moonfish said he hopes the West will provide Ukraine with more aircraft, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked for in addresses to lawmakers of different countries.

Western countries have sent military packages to Ukraine but have been wary of giving aircrafts and getting more directly involved in the war.