Ukraine’s First Lady highlights story of nine-year-old Bucha survivor

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Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska told Sasha's story
Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska told Sasha's story

Zelenska posted a photo of the girl, adding that Sasha is getting a cutting-edge prosthetic in Washington, D.C.

“Sasha Filipchuk is a nine-year-old girl, who lost her arm and barely survived in Bucha,” Zelenska said.

“I wrote about her back in March, when her story first emerged. Sasha was travelling from occupied Hostomel with her parents, when Russian invaders started shooting at their car.”

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“Her stepdad was killed, while Sasha and her mother took shelter in a nearby building, with Sasha getting worse and worse due to her wounds. It took two days to get the girl to a hospital, but by then it was too late to avoid amputating her arm.”

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“There’s now an optimistic follow-up to her story. Sasha and her mother are currently in Washington, D.C. In the coming days, they will travel to New York, where they have an appointment with prosthetist at Unlimited Tomorrow. Sasha is getting a high-tech prosthetics, and will be able to move her fingers once again.”

Zelenska expressed gratitude to U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and Ukraine House for their efforts to help Sasha and her mom.

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