Tyreek Hill: ‘I would like to retire in Miami, I want to stay forever’

After two seasons with the Miami Dolphins, wide receiver Tyreek Hill isn’t looking to play anywhere else anytime soon — or ever.

“I love Miami. I love every bit of it,” Hill said in an appearance on the “Around the Bar” podcast. “My wife loves it, my kids love it, my mom loves it. It’s just a beautiful city to live in, man. There’s so much stuff to do.

“I would like to retire in Miami, but we all know how the NFL is, how jobs go, and people getting promotions over here and — you know — we understand that. But Miami is a great city, man. I love the team I play on, love the guys in the locker room, love the head coach, love the GM. So that means sign me. I love all you guys so much, I want to stay in Miami forever, man. Keep me there.”

Hill’s production on the field has been nothing short of spectacular in Miami. In his first season with the Dolphins, he set single-season franchise records for receptions (119) and receiving yards (1,710). In year two, he tied his reception record and set the yardage record even higher with 1,799 receiving yards.

But Hill’s long-term future with the team is still in doubt. He turned 30 earlier this year and is due to count $31,323,750, $34,243,750, and $56,308,750 against the Dolphins’ salary cap in the next three seasons. While there’s no doubt he’ll be in Miami for 2024, the team could save nearly $23 million for 2025 by parting with him next offseason and it could save $45 million in 2026.

A contract extension for Hill could drastically cut those cap hits, but will the Dolphins be ready to dish out another pricy contract to a wide receiver on the wrong side of 30, especially if it gives one to Jaylen Waddle first?

All that could mean that Hill’s tenure in Miami ends as early as next offseason, despite his love of the Dolphins.

“It’s amazing what we’re building in Miami,” Hill said on the podcast. “Our quarterback is special. Tua Tagovailoa is special. Jaylen Waddle is special. Y’all already know Jalen Ramsey is special, so he’s gonna be the leader of the defense. We got a real special team — [I’m] very proud, very honored to be one of the leaders on this team.”

As for when his retirement could be coming?

“I’m trying to use these legs until these legs don’t work no more,” Hill said.

Story originally appeared on Dolphins Wire