Tyreek Hill had relatable reaction to Bradley Chubb trade news

The Miami Dolphins pulled off another huge move on Tuesday when they acquired pass rusher Bradley Chubb and a 2025 fifth-round pick for running back Chase Edmonds, a 2023 first-round pick (via. San Francisco) and a 2024 fourth-round selection.

This comes after trading five picks for wide receiver Tyreek Hill this offseason and giving him a contract extension worth $30 million per year.

When the news broke, Hill took to Twitter to share his reaction to the news that Chubb would be joining him in South Florida.

Hill shares the same sentiment that a lot of Dolphins fans are feeling right now, and that’s the same one that they were feeling when he was brought in less than a year ago.

If Chubb can have the impact that Hill has had, Miami is destined for great things.


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Story originally appeared on Dolphins Wire