Truck Tumbles Over California Freeway on Top of Pile-Up

Two people were injured after a truck tumbled over the side of a highway overpass in Santa Clarita, California, in wet conditions on Friday, December 2, local media reported, citing authorities.

Video recorded by Tomas Dorado shows a Toyo Tires branded box truck tumble over the ledge of an overpass and land on top of black SUV and rolled-over semi-trailer truck below. Both vehicles were involved in an earlier crash, local media reported.

Dorado told Storyful he was stuck in traffic due to the first crash when he was witnessed the truck fall onto the wreckage. “It was astonishing to witness something this crazy since this type of accident is only seen in movies,” he added.

Local media reported that no one was inside the box truck when it fell and that two people were taken to hospital after the crash. One person had been taken to hospital for the earlier crash. Credit: Tomas Dorado via Storyful

Video Transcript