How to Track School Assignments Better with Planner Apps

Today’s world requires us to solve tasks at the speed of light if we want to get everything done. Study, work, extracurricular activities, internship  – how does one not get lost in this whirlwind of deadlines? Fortunately, time management comes to the rescue.

While some students love paper planners, we recommend trying apps. The platforms below have many features, so choose what suits you best and let them improve your academic performance.

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  1. WEEEK

This application has a scheduler, knowledge base, CRM and analytics at the same time. Here, you will see lists of to-dos and tasks in three display modes: list, calendar and Kanban boards. In the Task cards, you can enter the task name, subtasks, date, reminders, priority, duration, comments and attach files. In short, it is a great assistant for flexibility.

WEEEK perfectly copes with planning your assignments and executing them. You can write down your plans for the day on the run, look at your to-do list, and capture ideas. It also reminds you of deadlines. This is very convenient if you often forget to hand in some school papers.

  1. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular planning applications. Kanban boards are very convenient: you can add a task description to each task, set a deadline and add different types of files.

Your tasks are displayed as a list and a board: you can also filter them by status and date. It’s handy that you can open the calendar and see how many tasks are planned for each day. Essentially, one screen displays one column of the board.

It’s great to work on group projects in Trello: this way, everyone will see what exactly they need to do. And while you are focused on this project, outsource your other school papers to specialists who are experienced in this specific field. That’s how you can kill two birds with one stone. 

  1. ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the best schedulers on the market. It is well designed, filled with amazing features and it also looks great.

What’s available here? Displaying tasks as a list and board, filtering by status and searching by date. It’s convenient that you can open the calendar and see how many tasks are planned for each day. Also, use the quick button to create a document, a note, a reminder or to start a timer.

ClickUp is great to use for working with tasks, changing status (To Do, In Progress, In Review, Closed), keeping in touch with other students and just enjoying its aesthetics.

  1. Notion

Notion is more than a task manager or scheduler. This is a real study assistant as well as a library of projects and data. Whether you are collecting references for your future paper, or you are working on instructions for the best dissertation writing service you rely on, you can gather them all here.

In Notion, you can interact with tables, boards, lists, Gantt Charts, a calendar and a gallery. Templates for complex projects are also available to you: designer roadmaps, databases, notes for meetings, and so on. You can add any type of attachment to the created file and comment on the document.

Notion is amazing if you want to monitor current tasks, access the documents quickly, or just fix your ideas and thoughts on the spot. However, some users say that it took them a while to understand the interface.

  1. Asana

Asana is a legendary planner. This is a popular and flexible service in which you have access to projects and goals. Tasks, notifications, search – all this fits in one tap bar. There are also boards, lists and calendars. By clicking New Task, you create an entry with comments, attachments, and due dates. It’s cool that tasks are written down and spoken by voice, and you can immediately attach a photo taken directly from your phone.

Use Asana to always remember important dates and record tasks with your voice.

  1. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a simple planner and notepad for to-dos and tasks. Here, you will find prioritization and planning functions for the day and week. The scheduler is just great because of its minimalistic interface and it still has important functions to monitor tasks. You can mark important things, assign tasks to others and see those assigned to you. You can also work with the voice assistant.

  1. Todoist

The interface here is the simplest ever: there is no tap bar at all, only one big button with a plus sign to create a task. You can name it, add description, due date, reminder, and priority. There are filters and tags, and what’s especially cool is that there are analytics of completed tasks.

Todoist is perfect as a pocket planner and notebook for daily tasks. Whether you are on the way to work or waiting in line, you can write down ideas, tasks for the day, and make a shopping list. Notifications are also quite good as you can set reminders for yourself and stay in touch with your tasks.

  1. TickTick

TickTick is a simple and convenient scheduler. It doesn’t have any complex functions, which makes it very easy to use.

Again, the interface is very simple: one button to create a new task. Interestingly, the application sets the execution time based on the content. For instance, it may set the task like “Drink coffee” at 12 p.m. When creating a task, you can assign a priority, tag, a date and define a project list. 

Conveniently, you have quick access to a checklist of things to do. There, in the tasks tab, completed assignments are also displayed.

  1. is a cool diary organizer with functions for maintaining daily lists and setting tasks. It’s handy that you can add to-do lists in different projects at once – by default, it’s Budget, Ideas and Creation. You can conduct both work and personal affairs in one place, and also, you can come up with a shopping list for the evening.

Planning in the service is based on a weekly principle – you can write down a task for today, for tomorrow, or even for “someday”. And all these markers must be tagged when creating a task.

To Wrap It Up

When your head is spinning from the number of things to do, planning apps will help a lot. We tested 9 of them and mentioned the reasons why they are convenient. Basically, many of them are similar in function and are quite easy to use. So, download the apps and let these tools make your student life much easier.

Story originally appeared on Mountain West Wire