Toronto Maple Leafs players lose bet to Mike Babcock

Don’t let him fool you, Mike Babcock is a total betting shark.
Don’t let him fool you, Mike Babcock is a total betting shark.

A bet is a bet, and when you make that bet with your coach, you better believe he is going to hold you to it.

William Nylander lost a bet to head coach Mike Babcock, and in turn was forced to wear the red and white at the Maple Leafs’ practice today.

Nylander, who represents Sweden in international competitions, bet coach Mike Babcock that the Swede’s would win the gold medal at the World Junior Championships. It took a while to pay up, but Babcock finally brought the jersey.

Babcock is turning into quite the shark as the former head coach for the Canadian men’s Olympic hockey team also cashed in on a bet he made with Leo Komarov.

Komarov, who was born and raised in Finland, thought he would try his luck with Babcock. He bet his coach that Finland would defeat Canada in Olympic men’s hockey competition and once again, big stakes Babs won, forcing Komarov to rock a Canada sweater as well.

Pretty safe to say that if the Leafs locker room has learned anything, it is that you do not make a bet with Mike Babcock.

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