Tommy Tuberville introduces anti-trans amendment to COVID relief bill, gets voted down

As the United States Senate attempts to pass a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, former Auburn football coach and current Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville had one thing on his mind: anti-trans legislation.

Tuberville attempted to add an anti-trans amendment to the COVID-19 relief bill Saturday, but was voted down 49-50. If passed, the amendment would have prohibited funding to educational institutions that allowed trans women to compete in women's athletics.

Washington Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat, took Tuberville to task over the amendment, asking him to "have a little bit of heart and compassion in this world for someone who doesn't look or live exactly like you."

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin called the amendment an attack on transgender kids and questioned why Tuberville would introduce an anti-trans amendment as part of a COVID relief bill that has been up for debate for over 20 hours.

The amendment was supported by Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, but voted down by Republican Alaska Senator Lisa Murowski.

Tommy Tuberville's time as senator hasn't gone well

Tuberville, who defeated Doug Jones in November, hasn't covered himself in glory so far during his political career. A few days after winning his election, Tuberville misidentified the three branches of the United States government. He also believed President Joe Biden's inauguration could have been pushed back due to COVID-19.

Prior to being elected, Tuberville spent over two decades as a college football head coach. He resigned from Cincinnati in 2016 after leading the team to a 4-8 record that season.

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